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Pure aqua

Probably the best aquatic in the world

6 Gallon Freshwater

Starting at $69.00/mo

  • Month to month lease without the long commitment
  • All lease include flat monthly rate
  • Never buy or replace equipment
  • Never buy or replace consumables
  • Never buy or replace livestock
  • Your choice of livestock from our warehouse
  • 24/7 Availability
  • From as little as $2.27 per day

Have you ever wondered why many doctor's office waiting rooms display fish tanks? Well, turns out, fish tanks can have a calming and therapeutic effect for many individuals. Fish tanks can have dramatic positive effect on mental and physical health. Research has shown that as little as 5 minutes contact with nature features, like an aquarium, can significantly decrease stress, reduce anger and fear, and increase pleasant feelings. Much like a day at the beach, or a walk in the woods, spending time around aquariums can have the same calming, effect. Both staff and clients will benefit from an aquarium in-turn boosting moral and keeping that "long waiting" client, calm.

If you don't want to spend all that money up front, our leasing service is the most flexible and easy way to enjoy having an aquarium. It is totally maintenance free and fixed monthly charge without nasty surprises. 

We offers a wide variety of tank designs, sizes and shapes that are available for lease at different price point so we are sure to meet your budget. This service expense can be a tax deductible, aquariums are seen as a business expense as opposed to a depreciating asset.

Some examples of places where our leasing aquariums can be found include medical offices, day cares, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, office and school.

Leases are a truly worry free way to have an beautiful aquarium.

For more information about leasing an aquarium, please don't hesitate in contacting us.

12 Gallon Combo

Starting at $149.00/mo


27 Gallon Reef

Starting at $179.00/mo