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Pure aqua

Probably the best aquatic in the world

In 1997, Pure Aqua was born. Pure Aqua have built a reputation for almost twenty years providing the best quality aquarium fish tank maintenance services based in San Francisco. We expanded the business from aquarium maintenance and began providing all the services we now offer for ponds, fountains, pools & spas all under one roof.
Our staff maintains a friendly and approachable attitude to make it easy for our customers regarding their experience level, to get the help they need to succeed.
we design, create and maintain biological systems in homes, businesses and learning environments. 
We specialize in the custom design and installation. 
We provide services throughout the Bay Area, including Emergency Service.

Aquarium fish tank maintenance in san francisco & San Mateo county

We wanted to build a service company. One that doesn’t rely on a large sales force to move products. 
We believe there’s strength in numbers. Not large numbers of dollars, but large numbers of customers. We’d much rather have hundreds of customers paying us a small monthly service payment than a few huge accounts covering that same amount.
Pure Aqua technicians work with clients to creatively develop installations that fit the look, feel and aesthetic you desire. Our primary focus is on your preferred maintenance-level and schedule, paying close attention to both your needs and the health of your biological institution.